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Oakes ABG Set Book Photos
Oakes ABG Set Book Photos

2 Book Set: Oakes ABG Pocket Guide with Oakes ABG Instructional Guide

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Outstanding Book Set at an Outstanding Price covers everything you need to know for Advanced ABG Interpretation (Double and Triple Disorders, Anion Gaps, etc.).
ISBN or ID: 978-0932887-55-9
Availability: Available to Ship
Year Published 2017
Edition 2nd
Pages 2 Books
Cover Paperback
This 2 Book Set will transform how you interpret arterial blood gases.  The pocket guide provides incredibly detailed information on the steps to fully interpret an ABG, as well as information on each type of disorder, both respiratory and metabolic.  Significant sections also include oxygenation as well as abnormal baselines (such as a chronic-retaining patient with COPD).  The instructional guide walks you step-by-step through problems beginning with basic classification of single disorders and works all the way up to interpreting triple disorders.  This advanced interpretation is valuable when managing complex critical care patients.  

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