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2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Study Guide

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This study guide is meant to accompany the Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide
ISBN or ID: 978-0932887047
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Year Published 2017
Edition 2nd
Pages 116
Cover Paperback
Table of Contents Study and Test Question Answers in Back of Book
This study guide is meant to accompany the Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide. It can be used as a standalone without the pocket guide, but answers and organization follow the 2017 pocket guide.

Here's what's included:
  • NEW! Dozens of NBRC-style questions added to help prepare for CRT, RRT, and ACCS exams. Includes many new application-level multiple choice questions (questions that test your ability to not just remember values, but understand how to apply them).
  • NEW! Critical Thinking questions for most chapters help apply deeper analysis to the material. Answers available (see links below)
  • NEW! Reorganized to follow the 2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide chapter-by-chapter.
  • Includes hundreds of matching questions throughout to help you test your knowledge of values and facts.
  • Each chapter has study questions and separate test questions to help organize your efforts.
  • Answer Keys to all Multiple Choice questions in the back of the Study Guide

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