9 Titles: Adult + Neo/Ped + Sim Bundle

9 Titles: Adult + Neo/Ped + Sim Bundle

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All Recent Editions (2016-2017)
Bundle all the books and pay around $10/title

Special Note: Simulation titles are for manikin-based simulations in the classroom.  Do Not Purchase this particular bundle unless instructed to do so by an instructor.  They are different than clinical simulation examination (CSE) preparation.  

Bundle includes: 
  • 2018 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Pocket Guide
  • 2018 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Simulations Student License/Workbook 
  • 2017 Adult Respiratory Simulations License/Workbook
  • 2017 Respiratory Care Pocket Guide
  • 2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Pocket Guide
  • 2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Study Guide
  • 2017 ABG Interpretation Pocket Guide
  • 2017 ABG Interpretation Study Guide
  • 2016 Ventilator Management Pocket Guide

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