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Adult + Neo/Ped + Simulation (7 titles and 2 sim)

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All Oakes' Pocket Guides + School Simulations
ISBN or ID: 978-093288759-7
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Year Published All Recent Editions (2016-2017)

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You receive 7 best-selling titles + 2 Simulation Titles.  Please note that these simulations are used in the classroom for manikin-based simulation, different than studying for the Clinical Simulation Exam.  

  • Clinical Practitioner's Pocket Guide (softcover version):  
    This best-selling pocket guide is the incredible "everything-you-need-to-know" guide for bedside respiratory care. 

  • Ventilator Management Pocket Guide
    Modes, Graphics, Diseases, and much more in this great bedside critical care pocket guide

  • ABG Interpretation Pocket Guide
    Take your classification of ABGs up several notches with this incredible advanced guide

  • ABG Instructional Manual
    Takes you step-by-step through ABG Interpretation, starting with basic disorders and working up to Triple Disorders! 

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring
    Everything you need to know about A-Lines, Central Lines, PA Catheters, and more! 

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring Study Guide  
    Biggest update ever of this guide now includes NBRC application questions, critical thinking questions.

  • Neonatal/Pediatric Pocket Guide
    This is what you get when you take 60+ editors and completely rewrite a title ... the first half is neo, the second half is peds! 

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