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Advanced Student Bundle (6 Titles)

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The Advanced Student Bundle- SIX books, ALL new editions, ONE low price. You do the math.
ISBN or ID: 978-0-932-887-60-3
Availability: In Stock
Year Published 2017
Every single title is 2016-2017 with major updates to most titles

You receive 6 best-selling titles for about $10/title (this is 50% less than our best individual title sales).

  • 2018 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Pocket Guide (softcover version):  Major updates to diseases and pharmacology.  Includes brand new systematic chest x-ray interpretation system.
  • 2016 Ventilator Management Pocket Guide:  Major updates including updates to modes, disease-related settings, etc. 
  • 2017 ABG Interpretation Pocket Guide: New refreshed version
  • 2017 ABG Instructional Manual: New refreshed version in much larger format to make it easier to study! 
  • 2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring: Brand new refreshed version with many new changes! 
  • 2017 Hemodynamic Monitoring Study Guide:  Biggest update ever of this guide now includes NBRC application questions, critical thinking questions.  

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