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Dana's current motivational speech incorporates his life as a Respiratory Therapist, his success as an author, and a peek at the very exciting future directions of Respiratory Therapy (or healthcare in general).

Participants will leave feeling excited about respiratory care, and excited about their role in molding the field into all that it can be.

While Dana's experience is primarily that of a respiratory therapist, he has presented this motivational presentation to audiences with all types of healthcare professionals.

This innovative presentation by Dana Oakes promises to take health care professionals to that next level with interpretation and management of ABGs. When hearing of ABGs, many are tempted to think, "but I already know how to interpret blood gases."

This presentation takes you beyond the simple classification of ABGs into full interpretation, to include compensation calculations to determine double and triple disorders, and easy understanding of anion and bicarbonate gaps - all of which play critical roles in proper interpretation of ABGs

Hemodynamic Monitoring for Respiratory Therapists Dana presents a very unique look at how easily hemodynamic monitoring can be understood and how critical it is to patient care.  

Attendees routinely comment that after hearing Dana's talk, they have a new level of understanding and confidence.  This is a must for the new RT role of physician extender!

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