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Hemodynamic Monitoring: An Oakes' Pocket Guide

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Top In Its Class! Hemodynamics covers everything from IABP's to Central Venous Lines to Arterial Lines, and more.
ISBN or ID: 978-0932887-56-6
Year Published 2017
Edition 6th (since 1992)
Cover Softcover (Pocket-Sized)
New 2017 Edition! Available for Immediate Shipping.

There is no more authoritative bedside pocket guide than the 6th edition of Oakes' Hemodynamic Monitoring.  There's just some of what you will find inside:
  • Completely refreshed design to help you find exactly what you need as quickly and meaningfully as possible
  • Water-resistant pages with colorful printed tabs
  • Noninvasive and invasive parameters
  • Incredible summary tables for finding information quickly
  • Entire chapters on Arterial lines, Central lines, and Pulmonary Artery catheters.  Includes insertion, interpretation, waveforms, troubleshooting, and more! 
  • 50+ pages of disease-specific hemodynamic changes, including major sections on shock and heart disease.

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