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Oakes Academy Online TMC Test Prep

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Oakes Academy
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Please note: This membership will be manually processed and can take up to 1 business day to process.  Order directly at OakesAcademy (price may be different) if you need immediate access. 

We use everyday language. We are not into textbooks, so no formalities here. We feel strongly about teaching through practice questions so we have built in lots of questions with extensive explanations. We are real people. This makes us much more than a purchased product. You can talk to us by helpdesk ticket, by social media, heck you can write us a letter and drop it in the mailbox if you wish. We help break it all down. We have written dozens of tips specifically to help you master the exam. We have also created a 12 lesson format where you learn at your own pace but with the optional structure to help keep you organized and on track.

What is Included?

$124.99 for 6-months


Aww, shucks, we really shouldn't brag. We are pleased with the high percentage of people who pass using Oakes Academy. There's nothing magical here ... you'll still have to prepare and do the work, but we give you all the tools in one place.


200 + Questions with Explanations!

  • Unlimited attempts on all practice questions, including full-length examsNo tokens, no cut-off of 3 attempts. We want you to practice until you're ready.
  • Study Exam allows you to learn by looking up answers (full-length, untimed)
  • Practice Exam is timed and high-stress, like the real deal
  • Questions are written by NBRC question-writing standards

We use the actual NBRC Content Outline to shape our review. This ensures you cover every category on the exam.We aren't trying to teach everything ... we just stick to what is likely to be on the exam, nothing more, nothing less.


We've broken the material down into 12-lessons.

Each lesson is a combination of content review, tips, and a content quiz. Want a midterm and final? Yup, we've got that, too. Prefer to mosey on through at your own speed? That's okay, too.

Exam Tips

We have taken the exams, and we pass that experience along

There are math shortcuts you can use to save time (can we hear an AMEN?). There are silly ways of remembering things. There are proven strategies for eliminating wrong answers. Oh, and so much more. Dozens of exam tips are spread throughout the content.


We are educators who want you to succeed.

While some people prefer to journey alone (and we respect that), we are here to provide what you need. Reach out to us by email, by social media, or by helpdesk ticket. We are happy to clarify information, to encourage you (or kick you in the rhetorical butt) when you are ready to give up. We know it is worth the journey and we will remind you of that until you want to throw up.


We want to celebrate with you! Once you finish the exam, we will send you a fun package in the mail with a few little goodies to celebrate (safe for those under 21 yrs old, too), plus you're forever a part of the Oakes family now. You'll have access to our Facebook groups forever (so keep that mind sharp with questions), plus special deals and who knows what else.

How Membership Works

Register for an account. We'll send you your login information within 24-hours. (Need it quicker? Register directly at OakesAcademy.com)

Once you have your login, you will have full access to everything TMC in the Oakes' Academy review. Feel free to freestyle and review things at your own pace and style, or use our unique 12-Lesson Syllabus which helps establish the structure to get to your goal. For most people, this means taking about 12-weeks to review (we have nearly a 100% pass-rate when studying for about 12-weeks). The lessons include links to appropriate content review and tips, content quizzes, a midterm (feel like you're back in school yet?), and more. Join our private Facebook group or participate on the discussion boards for an added element.


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