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Respiratory Care Pocket Guide (2017 ed)

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ISBN or ID: 978-0-932887-58-0
Year Published 2017
Edition 9th
Pages 350
Cover Softcover or Binder

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The famous "little blue book" is in its 9th edition, still being used at the bedside by clinicians around the world.  For 35+ years it has been the standard.  For 35+ years it has been the go-to resource of clinicians needing dependable, defendable information to base real patient care upon.  Whether it is confirming possible adverse effects of respiratory drugs, the finer points of interpreting hemodynamics, or making professional recommendations on disease management, Oakes' Respiratory Care Pocket Guide has your back.  Each edition is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research followed by painstaking layout of the information to be both clinically relevant and easily understandable.  

Key Reasons to Own this Pocket Guide: 

  • Everything you need for assessment, from labs to chest radiographs to EKGs and PFTs - everything you need in the moment 
  • Advanced arterial blood gas interpretation, including compensations and management strategies 
  • Always updated pharmacology with latest evidence-based suggestions, dosages, forms, and more 
  • Updates to nearly every disease and disorder, including how to best support patients using current trends in literature
  • Every major relevant guideline (Asthma, COPD, Procedures, etc.) is summarized into just what you need to know
Students and New Graduates 
This pocket guide is invaluable, full of equations you're trying to remember, EKG rhythms, tons on drugs, etc.  it's like legal "cheating" as you focus on gaining clinical assessment and critical application skills. 

Long-Term Clinicians 
We've written this book to be as applicable 20-years into the profession as it was a student. As you know, it is critical that the information you're using at the bedside be based on the latest guidelines and standards (after all, this is what we want when we receive care).  We've done all that, researching and summarizing what is needed.  Whether for quality of patient care or protection from legal issues in the future, having a copy of Oakes' Respiratory Care Pocket Guide is a much more valuable asset than trusting random online searches for information.  

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