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I want to gain the ACCS credential more than you will know but IF I DON'T ... Last week we had a severe ARDS patient that needed to be transferred to a higher level hospital that didn't have any beds ... because of my studying and Oakes, I knew how to handle this patient CONFIDENTLY and got her through the night until she could be transferred the next morning.  Do I know everything? Nope.  Do the practice tests still kick my butt? Yup.  Am I a better therapist for starting this process? Absolutely! Thank you Oakes for doing these online classes.  I appreciate you.  
Deborah, Maine 

I am sooooooo excited. I have been an RT for almost 40 years. Got your email about the study guide for the ACCS and thought, what the heck, why not. I just finished the exam and I passed easily!!! No squeaking by. Wanted to personally thank you. I am really proud of myself. I had gotten my NPS and figured why not get this one. Just wanted to say, I used Kettering for that exam. And I did pass, but there was A LOT in there that I didn’t need to study. Your program covers just what you need to know!!! I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends!!!!  Thanks again!  And I took my test on Friday the 13th to prove a point. Lol Take Care,
Sandy Rosa

Thank you, Oakes Academy!  I may be 8 months pregnant with a super active baby, but I stayed focused (and passed the ACCS) 
Brooke Uhazie 

Finally stopped beating around the bush and took my test and passed! I bought Kettering and was disappointed in the information, and then found Oakes Academy.  You guys blow Kettering out of the water for test prep! Thank you! 
Ryan Smogonovich

It is with deep sadness I report that I passed the ACCS exam today.  30 years out of the field and Oakes got me there.  Here is a hint: pay close attention to all the Oakes Academy Tips and any note on a topic in the course.  You will use all of them! 
Charles Bouton 

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