Ventilator Management: An Oakes Pocket Guide
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Ventilator Management: An Oakes Pocket Guide

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Year Published



4th (since 2002)


Softcover (Pocket Sized)

The 2016 Version is Our Most Updated Version EVER, with major changes to every chapter, nearly every page.  

This is the long-standing, top-selling Ventilator Pocket Guide.  Everything you could want to know at the bedside is carefully organized and summarized in this pocket-sized companion.  New features in this edition include: 

  • Completely refreshed design and index to help you find exactly what you need as quickly and meaning- fully as possible
  • Noninvasive and Invasive strategies and settings for every common disorder and disease
  • A simplified Modes section, with less focus on technical aspects, now including easy-to-understand summaries of most modes, and a quick mode    selection chart 
  • Quick-Reference calculations throughout the book, embedded within the content (or easily found on the    inside of this cover)
  • Nearly 20 blank pages, a few at the end of most   chapters, just for your notes, enabling this book to not   be just Oakes’ Ventilator Pocket Guide but YOUR Ventilator Management Pocket Guide!  
The only book written primarily by Respiratory Therapists and Students!

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