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Full Color Pages with the information you need available quickly
Full Color Pages with the information you need available quickly

Ventilator Management Pocket Guide

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The Critical Care Bedside Resource. Includes Modes, Graphics, Disease/Disorders, and Much More
ISBN or ID: 978-0-932887-47-4
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Year Published 2016
Edition 4th (since 2002)
Cover Softcover (Pocket Sized)
Your complete critical care bedside companion.  

This book is an incredible bedside companion for ventilator management.  What do you need at the bedside? Are you looking for the basics of parameters and initiation of the ventilator? More interested in the most comprehensive modes available on the market? Noninvasive ventilation? Critical care calculations? You'll find it all and much more in this best-selling pocket guide.  

Key Reasons to Own this Pocket Guide: 

  • It is the authoritative guide on modes ... both technical information and "real" language descriptions 
  • Evidence-based support for managing many diseases and disorders 
  • Critical care calculations ... P/F, OI, IBW, and well beyond 
  • Comprehensive information on managing noninvasive ventilation 

Students and New Graduates 
Unless you plan on carrying a ventilator textbook to the bedside, this book will give you everything you need to be successful in your critical care rotations.  Not sure how that PRVC mode works? APRV?  See a graphic you just don't quite grasp.  This book has it all! 

Experienced Clinicians 
We've written this book to be as applicable 20-years into the profession as it was a student. As you know, it is critical that the information you're using at the bedside be based on the latest guidelines and standards (after all, this is what we want when we receive care).  We've done all that, researching and summarizing what is needed.  Whether for quality of patient care or protection from legal issues in the future, having a copy of Oakes' Ventilator Management Pocket Guide is a much more valuable asset than trusting random online searches for information.  

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