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The Company

Many publishing companies work hard to be everything to everyone, finding a few authors to write some books relevant to respiratory therapy.  Health Educator Publications, Inc., was started by Dana Oakes, RRT in the early 1980's with the iconic "little blue book."  Since then we have grown into 9 titles, but our core philosophy has remained:  everything we do is still centered on our passion for respiratory therapy.  This family-owned and family-operated business has a vision that is driven by RTs for RTs.  We are passionate about the profession, about excellence, and about doing the right thing.  

So what will you not find?  A large publishing complex with lots of people in the middle (sales, etc.) who need to be paid. 
What will you find?  A passionate small group of people - you will meet us at conferences and hear us answer the company phone.  We do everything from content development to order fulfillment (that's how we keep the prices so low!).  

The People

Author Dana Oakes, RRT, has been a Respiratory Therapist for many decades, and there is perhaps no person more enthusiastic or invested in the profession as much as he is.  Dana speaks internationally with a flair that goes way beyond a lecture, using an engaging, challenging tone.  He is always happy to discuss speaking opportunities - email him at [email protected]  Currently Dana speaks on a number of topics including his well-received "Heroes" motivational talk, as well as unexpectedly engaging talks on hemodynamics and ABG interpretation.  
SEE MORE on his topics here.

Author Scot Jones, RRT, is another passionate Respiratory Therapist.  A previous supervisor and educator, Scot is a frequent speaker at conferences around the United States.  His best known talk is on the Impact of Obesity on Breathing and Sleep, a talk that he has given as a keynote at several conferences, including Focus where he was invited back to give the talk for a second year (for twice the amount of time!).  He is always happy to discuss speaking opportunities as well - email him at [email protected]  

Terry Oakes (Dana's wife) and Danielle Jones (Scot's wife and Dana's daughter) play an incredibly vital role in managing order fulfillment, and the day-to-day stuff that really matters but is seldom recognized publically.  Call any day of the week and you are likely to meet the cheerful voice of Danielle, ready to take your order.  

Dana Oakes, RRT (left) with granddaughter Acacia (future RRT?), and son-in-law Scot Jones, RRT at the AARC Summer Forum.